Pfoutz Valley Church Exterior

Our Church

On a hill overlooking Pfoutz Valley,
Since 1854,
Stands our Church, bathed in Nature’s Glory,
Truly an open door.

From the mellow glow of twilight,
To the mist of early dawn;
Through each day throughout the years,
Generations have come and gone.

Seeking peace and comfort
In a world of strife.
Finding here true worship
In this hectic life.

Yes, our Church stands strong and sure,
In service to all – long may it endure.

Ken Wassam 1979 

Pfoutz Valley United Methodist Church

The mission of the Pfoutz Valley UMC is to bring people to Jesus Christ, to know Him, to share Him and to be witnesses to those persons in and beyond our community.

With the guidance and the power of the Holy Spirit we vow to continue and expand our current ministries and use our God-given gifts to spread the gospel and love of God into the world and throughout our local community.

Join us each Sunday for worship service at 11:00 am.

Pfoutz Valley Church altar

History of Pfoutz Valley Church

Once, one of three churches in the valley, Pfoutz Valley UMC is now the lone church in Pfoutz Valley. In 1854, Henry Cauffman and his wife, Mary, deeded the plot of ground on which the Church now stands to the United Brethren’s so they could construct a Church building. In 1946 the United Brethren Church merged with the Evangelical Church and became the Evangelical United Brethren Church. In 1968, with the merger of the Evangelical United Brethren and the Methodist denominations the church became the Pfoutz Valley United Methodist Church and part of the three-church Millerstown Charge.

The United Brethren Church of 1854 was a one room brick sanctuary and became known as “the brick Church”. Over the years, many improvements were made to the original brick structure. In 1902, the two single doorways in the front wall were bricked shut and double doors were cut into the center of the wall. A brick vestibule was built in front of the new doorway, the walls were extended upward and topped with a belfry. Enough of the basement was excavated and a wooden stairway was constructed in 1946 for a Sunday School/social room. The last major updates were started in 1981 and included the removal of the old wooden staircase, renovation of the Sunday School/social room area and the addition of a two-story annex on the right side of the church with a new staircase to the basement. Two bathrooms and two closets were added on the upper floor of the annex and a kitchen added on the bottom floor.

Join us for a Service!

Sunday Worship Service 11:00 am
Sunday School 9:45 am